• Any good lighthearted podcast suggestions?🤔 I'm listening again to favourites @dispatchtoafriend ,  lovely new interviews with @skye_manson Company, and Jennifer's @cultivating_place. A  great way to share time with beautiful people in spirit, if not in person! 
Amidst days and days of the same, new projects are happening in the studio. Today, flowers. Tomorrow, tackling the cutting of hundreds of deeply serrated leaves...sooo time consuming so good listening is a must, interspersed with pockets of silence and the birds!
  • The garden is full of treasures when you look beneath the leaves. This was the found treasure from last year, posted here just about a year ago, but worth sharing again! After the drought the offerings this year are fewer, but it's lovely to remember the possibilities. Pearls and baubles and spiky orbs, dangling or clustered jostling for space, the jewel-like fruits that follow the flowers are often overlooked but just as beautiful. 
This year I have a little crop of olives about to go into brine. I'm determined too to make crabapple jelly, and to make medlar paste to eat with cheese in front of the fire over winter.  Maybe next weekend!
  • Exhibition online doors and sales are NOW OPEN! Hooray! Since sadly closing physical doors only two days after the opening of The Shadow of Wings, Suki and Hugh gallery has been working hard to get online sales up and happening. You can now view multiple photos of all work, inluding lovely shots of the framed works showing the shadows cast, and purchase directly online. Go to www.sukihugh.com.au or via the link in my bio, or @sukihugh_gallery. We're back in business!
  • I snapped this view of our hills this evening between rounds of our weekly "Corona Games", a family competition of whatever we can think of to lighten Sunday spirits.  Today it was shooting old and spongy zucchinis from the vege patch with the air rifle- the biggest worth 1 point, the littlest 5 points, and two sizes in between.
Tightly scheduled diary appointments have momentarily made way for more family time.  For now these clouds have a silver lining.
Oh, and I won🏆
  • The Garden Curator letter is about to fly. This month it's a reflection on long days at home, and an invitation to the party currently going on in the garden, and to meet the personalities attending (plants, not people!). Studio updates too. You can up via the link in my bio and I'll see you there😊
  • Many months ago Madi from @cornerstoregallery asked me to be a part of her @orangefoodweek exhibition, Locals Only. Of course physical doors can't open, but online doors can! Sales open at 8pm tonight on the gallery website, follow the link @cornerstoregallery. Madi has also done a lovely job of displaying works so they can be viewed through the gallery windows.  If you are in Orange, use your daily exercise outing to get some fresh air and walk on by!
I have three little works available, all food related including this cardoon and the radishes in a previous post, and there'll be fabulous works available from other local artists.  Food for your eyes!
  • In the rose garden this morning, dawdling on the way to the studio, reluctant to go inside after an early morning walk down the lane with Charlie and the dogs. Feeling very lucky that isolation for us is a very different experience than for others. 🙏